America, Please Meet Alexa Chung


Rockin the Twitch spectacles.

Rockin the Twitch spectacles.


Don’t judge UK media based solely on BBC America. There is way more to the movies, TV, and music scene there than Coldplay and Ricky Gervais one hour specials. One example, is Alexa Chung, ex-model and current TV host on Channel 4 in the UK. Aside from the fact that she’s smart (King’s College in London, gentlemen), has steeze, makes fair trade skull jewelry on the side, has a British Accent, is hilarious, she’s also half Chinese. And that half is a Chinese dad, the infamous and rare 7%. AND he’s a graphic designer.  Damn, she’s even got a cool dad?! So what is there not to like about her? Well she’s most famous in the States for F’N over Panic at the Disco in this interview (she corrects their grammar and implies that they’re gay*): 



And she’s currently dating the lead singer for the Arctic Monkeys. So nobody’s perfect. Wait a second, I forgot that I F’N HATE Panic at the Disco and F’N love Arctic Monkeys. So maybe she IS perfect and rumor has it she’s crossing the pond to start a new show for MTV… 


*Bonus: If you watched the interview with Panic at the Disco, you heard Alexa mention that she threw pee in a bottle at Daphne and Celeste. Why you might ask? They’re a UK pop group that made a song called “I Love Your Sushi,” 4 minutes of the most racist, stereotypical crap ever put on wax. With a Japanese rapper spitting in his native tongue. How bad is it? Its bad:



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