OK “I’m” So-ri

I can’t handle the 12 DVD Korean drama sets that my parents plop down on the couch for.  A straight weekend of laughing and crying, good girl/bad girl relationships, life threatening diseases, and overbearing mothers. But hand me a 2 hour movie condensing all the aforementioned plotlines, and I’m all in. I know its cliched, but the Korean movie plot line simply works (boy meets girl, boy likes girl, comedy- laughter – fun, girl has disease, dies, crying-balling-sobbing, girl (from heaven) brings another girl for boy to be happy with, end story with marriage). It works so well, and the Koreans have it down so pat, they even have a movie  that entirely consists of F’d up sad endings. Title of the movie? Sad Movie. Watch it streaming here


So when I first heard about the story of OK So-ri in the NY Times, the first thought I had was, “oh damn, funny pun on an Asian name, I get it, Korean actress cheating on her husband, her name’s OK SORI”. But my second thought was, “oh damn, this is like a real Korean drama! Its even self-referential, because both of the parties are actors just like in A Love to Kill“. Then, after watching A Love to Kill for 12 hours straight, my third thought was “oh damn, another Asian law that separates East and West/Asians from Asian-Americans again! damn”.



Why would you want to cheat on him? He looks like, umm, this dude I met on Olympic & Western or was it El Camino Real? Nah, definitely on W 32nd...

Why would you want to cheat on him? He looks like, umm, this dude I met on Olympic & Western or was it El Camino Real? Nah, definitely on W 32nd...



 Seriously folks, first the whole caning debacle and now this. I guess this is what happens when Asian countries are run by over-demanding, overbearing, anger-driven, possessive and worried face-saving appas and ummas? This law was originally meant to protect women from cavorting men because the country’s pretty damn male dominated. But making an example out of a Korean actress for not having good Christian or Confucian morals is outright wrong. I had some hope that they wouldn’t go forward with any punishment because this issue is really a private matter and more about the vengeful husband than anything else (and his weak sex drive apparently). But I was wrong


Not all Korean dramas end fairly. I was kinda hoping the whole ideal would end like my favorite Korean, American Pie rip-off, sex comedy series, Sex is Zero, but alas, the weird creepy dude did not get the hot girl to fall in love with him in the end…


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