19% of Asian-American Men Will Die Alone


The 7%.

The 7%.

Maybe that’s just exaggerating… a bit. The numbers came from one of my friends, who did a ridiculous amount of work on the crateandbarrel.com website for some firsthand, guerilla-style researching. Along with Census data from the American Community Survey from 2006. But come on, the Crate and Barrel data is much more revealing because we’re dealing with yuppy/suburban/young/middle-class/well educated Crate and Barrel catalog shopping folks who are Americanized enough to register at C&B instead of assuming their wedding present will come in a little red envelope emblazoned with a dragon wrapped around a pearl.

Back to the data. He sifted through Crate and Barrel gift registry info, which is readily available on the website and categorized marriages between different Asian ethnicities using common names in each category (Kim, Jeong, Park for Koreans; Nguyen and Tran for Vietnamese; Lim, Chen, Lin, Wang for Chinese; etc). He gathered data for 2856 people total, 2141 of whom were categorized as East Asian and 715 who were South Asian. The following percentages indicated the marriage rate outside of the ethnicity:


Korean: 24% of women (married a non-Korean) vs. 9% of men

Vietnamese: 41% of women vs. 21% of men

Japanese: 49% of women vs. 28% of men

Chinese: 35% of women vs. 16% of men

Total East Asian: 35% of women vs. 16% of men

South Asian: 19% of women vs. 15% of men


The numbers that pop out the most are probably the very low South Asian percentages (which is, in a way, expected), the low Korean numbers (also expected), and the very high Japanese percentages (the most Americanized of all Asian ethnicities). Vietnamese numbers are also very high compared to the East Asian average. I should also note that these numbers are significantly different than the Census numbers which are 20% for women vs. 7% for men, probably due to the demographics of a Crate & Barrel…

But the most intriguing conclusion that he thought of was that if we were to take these numbers and take a sampling of 100 Asian-American women and 100 Asian-American males, of the women, 35 would marrying outside of their ethnicity and 65 would marry in (which would mean 65 Asian-American women would be available to marry an Asian-American male). Of the 100 men, since 16% marry outside, that leaves 84 men ready to marry within, but, wait… there’s only 65 available women, which leaves 19% SOL.

I’m not entirely smart enough to know how these numbers jive with the official Census numbers from 2006:

45% of Asian-American women are married vs. 42% of men.

But theorectically (and empirically) this all makes sense. Especially if you live in the Marina. 

The reasons behind this phenomena is another blog post, and I haven’t had the chance to get that PhD in Ethnic Studies I’ve always wanted, so I’ll leave it for others to explain.   

As an added bonus, if you haven’t seen this video yet, enjoy: 


10 thoughts on “19% of Asian-American Men Will Die Alone

  1. dood, can i get “The 7%”‘s digits? I will throwdown on that bikini-clad Kate Moss wanna-be heffa in a cage death match to get my paws on him. cougar power!


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  3. lol, it really dont matter whos dating interracial or not. Its a numbers game. Even if all the AZNS/Asian in the west marry white/black outside of the ethnicity, that would just mean alot of little blackenese/Caucasianese hapas running around.

    But who are they gonna marry? Unfortuanately for white supremacists, there are over 1.4 billion Chinese in Asia on this planet , in fact, Asians are 2/3 rds of 6 billion people on earth. And they all want to get laid!! Hapas will have no choice BUT to either marry Asian or other hapas, since there will be no “full blood” Caucasians left.lol

    Its only a matter of time before everyone on earth begins to look more Asian/Indian, with each hapa kid produced. Its the inevitable destiny of the human race to be Asianised, and it has already begun……



  4. i’d like to take this segue opportunity to drop this video of beau sia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nDzqign_Sg&feature=related

    which i find hilarious cause Mos Def introduces him with an “always a pleasure to have him on”, upon which, BS then starts cappin on hip hop artists who use “chinky eyes” in song lyrics, which we all know was most famously used in, yes, a Mos Def song, Ms. Fat Booty:

    Cause baby girl got all the right weaponry
    Designer fabric, shoes, and accessories
    Chinky eyes, sweet voice is *fucking* on me mentally

    I remember reading about an Oliver Wang (DJ O-Dub) interview with Mos who sorta copped out and said he thought it “sounded cool” or something like that, to say Chinky eyes… but i can’t find the interview online…


  5. The guy doing the researcher is forgetting two things:

    1) There are more Asian women than men
    2) non-Asian men are more likely to divorce and remarry

    This is why there are so many “WM/AF couples”- it goes something like this:

    8 Asian women in monogamous relationships with 8 Asian men
    1-2 Asian women dating several white men at a time, 1 Asian man single or dating another man (there are more gay men than lesbians)

    This applies to the Chinese problem of more boys than girls too- Chinese people are second to Indians in terms of monogamy. The average Chinese and Indian man is essentially less than 1/4th as likely to cheat on his wife and take a mistress as a Western man (reducing the number of “taken” women).

    In the West you often have a situation where the more elite and powerful men will take a wife and then be dating 1 or 2 women on the side. This is much, much less common in India and China and as a result the real “gender imbalance” and number of frustrated men is higher in the West than in China. This explains why white men are so eager to “teach English” in Asia and have so much money invested in slandering Asian men in their media.


  6. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I think you’re talking about Asian folks and not Asian Americans folks. I don’t think the one child rule really applies to folks that shop at C&B.


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