Joe Lieberman, I Loathe You

I remember the first time I heard you talk, just like it was yesterday. It was back in the early 90s, when you publicly denounced my beloved Mortal Kombat and started the Electronic Software Ratings Board. Then of course the 2000 Vice Presidential nomination and you’ve been around ever since. I didn’t generally agree with a lot of what you’ve said in the past few years, but like the long ignored, friendly family dog that gets rabies and ends up biting its owners neck, you jumped into the spotlight again with this shit:



This happens to me all the time. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Always awkward. Always.

This happens to me all the time. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Always awkward. Always.


And who can ever forget him at the RNC in Minneapolis? 




We get it, you couldn’t get the democratic nomination for senate in Connecticut, so you ran as an independent. So technically, you’re not a Democrat. But I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that the Dems didn’t throw your ass out (spineless they are) or the fact that you not only turned your backs on your party, but you actually used RACIAL undertones to disparage Obama. Dude, last time I checked, you’re technically a minority too. 


I realize I’m posting this months after the election, but HuffPo reminded me of how much I hate this man. But what warms my heart is the look Joe must have had when Sarah Palin was nominated as VP and not him, and now after the loss, he’s looking at some angry faces in DC. Republicans because he didn’t really help the party, just added some unneeded bad publicity and Dems because he threw them under the bus. 


Joe, please do us ALL a favor and join the Republican party. It’ll save us all a lot of trouble. Independent Democrat, Conservative Liberal. This is all confusing. Call it as it is. Joe Lieberman-R sounds much more natural. Continue voting for abortion rights and gay marriage, but please, switch parties, I beg you. 


PS. HuffPo is right about you too Bill. You better watch your mouth. We had fun when you were President, but the new you is a little brash and not all that great for the Dems.


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