Aaron Yoo- The Rich Man’s John Cho

Aaron Yoo- International Taiwanese Pop Singer/High Rolling BlackJack Player 


Aaron Yoo- International Taiwanese Pop Singer/High Rolling BlackJack Player

Yea, I said it. This is what happens when you sequester yourself for a year and a half with JJ Abrams and you don’t cavort around getting paparazzi pictures or show up on the Ellen DeGeneres show cause you’re holed up on a sound stage making Star Trek XI or IX, whichever number it is now depending on whether you count First Contact or whatever, John Cho! Hell yea I’m angry. You know why else I’m angry, cause this guy Aaron Yoo is making freaking good movies that are completely under the radar.  Here’s a quick list: 

Disturbia: Remake of Rear Window (My favorite Hitchcock movie) with Shia LaBeouf reprising Jimmy Stewart’s role and Sarah Roemer (who?) playing Princess Grace Kelly’s character (which is like having Hype Williams replace Alfred Hitchcock as director, but that’s a different blog). Aaron played the aZn best friend, which is pretty typical for Hollywood, but he steals the movie with some of his antics. 

Rocket Science: PURE F’N GENIUS. Have you seen this movie? No? You are no longer my friend. Only true friends of mine have seen this movie (I’m calling out you so-called friends that haven’t seen A Life Aquatic, Infernal Affairs, and State & Main as well). Aaron plays another typical aZn character, the nerd, but come on, this is over the top and meant to be tongue in cheek, right? So don’t get all “Asian-American studies 20b,  Introduction to the Contemporary Issues in the Asian American Communities” on me, aight? Cause he’s not about to reprise a Charlie Chan role, even though he cut his Taiwanese Pop Star hair to steal my 2nd grade bowl haircut:

Watch Rocket Science. Now.

Watch Rocket Science. Now.

21: Yes, we all know that if you read Bringing Down the House, and have ever stepped onto the campus back east, or ever walked by the high roller seats in vegas, you’d see Aaron Yoo-looking fools writing up theorems and doubling down. I agree, Aaron Yoo shouldn’t have been the THIRD lead on a student run Blackjack run of Vegas. The whole team  should have been made up (realistically) of fools that looked like Saudi oil barons, Taiwanese exporters and Bhutanese Princes. But at least we got a yellow brother playing a douchebag with gambling issues on screen, right? That’s progress. 

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist: Yoo plays a gay guitarist for a band called The Jerkoffs. If that ain’t the opposite of Hollywood typecasting, I will return my Blockbuster card to the nearest store location (which is, ironically, in the Castro). 

and… now… the…. kicker… Aaron Yoo’s next movie?! Labor Pains with Lindsay Lohan. And he plays, what? Her gay bestfriend? Her next door neighbor? The student in math class that helps her with her homework? Her karate shifu? No. HE PLAYS THE WHITE GIRL’S BOYFRIEND. Something that took John Cho two Harold and Kumar movies to do, becomes the main story line for a Hollywood movie.  

And John Cho, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, these are just jokes, yaddanamean!? You know where I’ll be come May 8, 2009. I got my lawn chair, communicator pin and official Starfleet Academy approved uniform sitting in a box with mothballs in my closet.


One thought on “Aaron Yoo- The Rich Man’s John Cho

  1. come on! by “sitting in a box with mothballs in my closet”, you actually mean “i am wearing everyday underneath my work clothes until the greatest day of my life comes along (5/8/09…duh).”


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