Location, Location, Location

Sometimes, a good map can solve more problems than you think. You may look at a map like this and think its just the Novemeber 4, 2008 Electoral Votes:

The 2008 Electoral College

But I see a handy Guide on Where to Live in the USA. Thinking of traveling or taking that promotion out-of-state? Quickly, take a look at this map and decide if you should really take that VP position if its in Atlanta, or Austin, or Phoenix. Wanna take your kids on a nice vacation? Hopefully its in Orlando, St. Paul or Boston. Thinking of driving cross country? How about a nice relaxing coast-to-coast flight instead?

As an added bonus, I’m giving you this handy guide on Where NOT to Live in the Bay Area. At any of the End of the Line Stations along BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit):


We’re talking Pittsburg, Fremont, Daly City, Millbrae, Dublin, Pleasanton and Richmond. Don’t do it. Spend the extra money and move one BART stop over (San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, and Berkeley).


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