Open Letter to All Californians Who Voted YES on 8

Dear Bigots:

What the fuck is your problem?? Who are YOU to deny the CIVIL RIGHT of ANYONE else? You fucktards. Take your conservative religious views and stuff it up yo ass.

Now, that I have your attention, I just want to ask, why did you vote yes? Why? Why? Well, there are three reasons why I think your ignorant asses marked YES on your ballots yesterday.

1. You think it will affect your children’s education.

2. You hate gay people.

3. Both of the above.

First of all, in no way shape or form is it required in schools to teach any child about marriage in the state of California. Jack O’Fucking Connell even made a television commercial to tell you that it has NOTHING to do with education! So where the hell did you get this idea that same sex marriage/relationship is a part of the educational curriculum in schools. Now, in my opinion, so what if it is?! But, it isn’t. SO your first reason has no validity whatsoever you dumbass.

Secondly, you think a man&man or woman&woman marriage/relationship threatens family values? Really? If you want to rid all things that undermine family values and the sanctity of marriage then protest against shows about golddiggers wanting to marry a millionaire or 25 cougars trying to win over the heart of a douchey whiteboy. Don’t tell me that same sex marriages, or even the LGTBQ community in general undermines your holy standards and values when there are a plethora of other things in this society that goes well beyond what is “traditional” family values. I don’t see you up and arms at divorce courts or outside of the law offices of divorce lawyers protesting the fact that divorce rates in this country is overwhelming over 50%, because doesn’t divorce also undermine your holy standards?? So if the reason you voted yes on 8 is because you hate gay people, then I hope your face gets smeared in shit tomorrow.

The LGTBQ community, just like you homophobes, have every right to get married, have babies, and realize that they aren’t compatible and get a divorce just like YOU. So, again, who the hell are you to deny them that right?


One of the 48% who voted AGAINST 8

ps. for all of you who are curious to know what dumbasses contributed to the YES on 8 campaign, check out sfgate’s database.



One thought on “Open Letter to All Californians Who Voted YES on 8

  1. I would also like to point out the following:

    1. Mormans- please handle your own shit before coming to Cali and fucking up ours. We MUST be spending tons of money on raiding those compounds in Utah, Montana and other red states we don’t give a fuck about. Marriage, according to you, should not be a same sex marriage. Understandable, because its not natural and God’s will? But marriage with a 14 year old? And 10 of them for that matter? And their mother? That’s ok?

    2. This country was founded on separating church and state. Your argument is fundamentally unsound because the first sentence out of your mouth when you argue against gay marriage ALWAYS includes: Jesus, God, Church, the Bible, etc. Try arguing based on CIVIL RIGHTS, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE MF USA, and EQUALITY/JUSTICE/LIBERTY.

    3. Now, this has to be the worst. I overheard a conversation where one guy, said a friend of his was getting a teacher’s credential at a class and the teacher said HE HAS TO TEACH GAY MARRIAGE IN THE CLASSROOM. Let me say that again. A guy heard from another guy that HE had to teach gay marriage in the classroom. Do you see the problem with that? That’s how urban legends start. When you take out the source and repeat a rumor. Why the fuck would teachers be teaching gay marriage, OR MARRIAGE AT THAT in the classroom? Our public school education system is WHACKED as it is, why would they need to take away another period from history and science and the periodic fucking table to teach why Jimmy has two dads? Everyone fucking knows he has to two gay dads and they adopted a kid! When was the last time anyone, anywhere taught about marriage in the classroom?

    4. Last night I had the honor of seeing the No on Prop 8 rally down Market St in the Castro. It was like seeing mixed race couples fighting to get married when this country would not let them. Or like the women’s suffrage movement when females were not allowed to vote in this country. Like it or not, this is going to happen, with out with you or Gavin Newsome fucking things up for the rest of us. Why? Cause your kids our gay friendly (or gay) and your conservative ass will be dead or retiring with the rest of the white flight to Colorado or Nevada so you can fuck up future elections with the power of the electoral college.


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