An Open Letter to the Admin People at My Work

Dear 40 year old admins at my work:

I get it. You like to dress scandalous and go cub hunting with your fellow cougar friends on Thursday night happy hours in Silicon Valley staples like TGIF and Appleby’s. For this, I applaud you. But this does not mean you should wear a wife beater, cropped pants, and sandals to work when its 90 degrees outside. Why you ask? If its hot outside, you should dress appropriately? No. Because when its hot outside, the AC is cranked on inside. And in the lovely city of San Jose, the amount of time you spend outside directly correlates to how far away you parked your car from the front entrance of work. So do NOT adjust the thermostat to suit your needs, cause I got on wool slacks and a button up shirt. And I can’t wear a wife beater to work or sandals. And DO NOT bring a personal heater to work because you lean it against your PC, heat up the damn office and make the air smell like burnt rubber.


Everyone Else But You


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