But I Want Candy

So the famous milky candies beloved by all (who are lactose intolerant) are reported to have traces of melamine in them, and have been recalled already in Singapore, Britain, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Apparently they are still for sale in Beijing, cuz them mofos is gangsta.

Say it ain’t so! What’s next?! Haw flakes? Garden lucky candies? Ferrero Rochers?

Melamine…pssssht. What is that anyway? Does it have to do with getting a lovely, bronzy hue? If so, my pale ass could definitely use more of that- sign me up!

Ok. So I looked up “melamine” in Wikipedia and I didn’t really understand any of it but I did spot the words “cyanide” and “kidney stones” which are not good things. But I also noticed “organic base” which sounds like something Whole Foods shoppers pay a lot for, so maybe this ain’t so bad. Plus, it’s fire retardant! Bonus!

Alls I know is White Rabbit needs to get clean fast so the world can continue to enjoy the exquisite delight of eating a candy AND its wrapper.


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