Bobby Lee: I Just Can’t Tell

another post from BB’s friend Hanalei…

Bobby Lee As North Korean Scientist – video powered by Metacafe

For the life of me, I cannot figure out if Bobby Lee is funny or not. I mean, you get some really dumb sketches where OF COURSE he’s the broken-English “me rikey-rikey” mofo on MADtv. And you’re all sprawled out on your couch, smearing your face oils further into the epidermis thinking, “fucking hell, I could be drunk as hell right now if my ass didn’t buy four Precious Places playsets on ebay to reclaim my childhooooood!” All…broooding-like, because mofos who “paved the way” are likely to be metaphorically “rolling over in their graves.”

And then, there are these times when he isn’t the token douchebag. Like when he was being real with Margaret Cho (Act 2) of the Cho Show, toting a very subtle political line of media representation as Asian entertainers in the U.S. And you’re all, “Oh, Bobby! How earnest and kind and aware he is!” And then the next day, you catch him on “coon” mode again. Awful.

So, bottom line, Bobby Lee and I are on some hot/cold shit. I seem to enjoy him every other Wednesday, and that bothers me. I am too linear, and this ambiguous gray middle portion is not helping me out in my life. Maybe I just need to accept that Bobby Lee is just some Hollywood guy trying to live and make it! CUE 80s MONTAGE!!!!

But no, I have no such generosity….until next Wednesday.


One thought on “Bobby Lee: I Just Can’t Tell

  1. i’ve had the opportunity to personally talk to bobby about his role in hollywood as a korean american comedian, and i got the feeling that the MADtv writers are pigeon-holing him into these typecasted roles. his advice to asian americans in general was to get more involved in positions of decisionmaking in hollywood so that we were in positions to make a positive impact on what mainstream america sees on tv.

    in general, i think it’s easier to blame bobby lee or john cho for the roles that they take, but the reality is that there are not many opportunities for asian american actors.


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