Get the Fuck Out of Chinatown, Bloodsuckers

So when I found out about this my heart just sank. Apparently there’s some new uber pretentious bar called Apotheke (German for apothecary) opening today in Chinatown for fashion week- and not just anywhere in Chinatown, but fuckin’ DOYERS STREET, in the former Gold Flower Restaurant.
How in the hell did owners and restauranteurs Albert Trummer and Heather Tierney finangle this location? I’m guessing rising rents, displacement, and the “progress” of gentrification. How long until hipster boutiques, cafés, and condos start dominating the hood?  

Even before opening, this “already hot cocktail bar” got apple-polishing press from the New York Times and Thrillist.

Doyers is one of the quieter streets in Chinatown, home to family associations, barber shops, Malysian restaurants, hang out spots for locals,  and a small post office where elders line up early to send packages overseas.
Doyers is also one of the most culturally and historically significant streets in Chinatown- known as the bloody angle for gang wars, it also houses Nom Wah Tea Parlor – opened in 1920- “Chinatown’s first dim sum parlor”, Ting’s Chinese gift shop (open since 1957), and an old Chinese opera house and artist’s residence.


Apotheke’s owners obviously have no regard for Doyers indigenous residents or history, but seem more interested in exploiting it for their own profit and popularity on the NYC bar scene. With a serving of dumplings. Can’t they just stay where they belong in Midtown? 


And of course, these muthafuckers are reviving tired Chinatown stereotypes to attract their upscale and hipster clientele- marketing it as a former opium den (and selling opium and absinthe cocktails) with a dark, mysterious dungeon-like quality. Not all that different from sensationalist tours back in the day that paraded outsiders through Chinatown to gawk at its exotic and depraved conditions.  


I’m sure having a super trendy bar and accompanying loud obnoxious drunks will really improve the quality of life for Doyers street elders, who, unlike the owners and clientele, are extremely limited in where they can live, shop, and “be entertained”. 


White people. Always seeking “adventure” on other people’s turf and the thrill of “slumming it”, with no consideration of who they’re intruding on. Overprivileged, spoiled, culture vultures. 


I hope this place gets overrun by rats and loogie-hawking old timers. I think I may have found a new dumping ground for my garbage. Who’s with me?  


One thought on “Get the Fuck Out of Chinatown, Bloodsuckers

  1. Goodness, you’re racist! Why should an area be completely dominated by one culture? The Chinese have completely overtaken areas in many cities in the world, what’s wrong with them sharing?


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