So I heard this expression for the first time this weekend:


hamachi / ha-ma-chee / noun.

1. Yellowtail fish, served raw as a form of Japanese sushi; over rice (nigiri) or in a  seaweed wrapped roll (maki).

2. Aesthetically pleasing Asian female (that chick is HAMACHI, hot yellowtail!).

It’s a pretty bad expression, and I’m surprised it took this long for me to hear it. I felt like I was being let into a secret White Society when I heard the dude say it… All I can say is, its witty, but there’s a thin line between comedy and racism.


2 thoughts on “Hamachi

  1. hahaha thats so FUNNY! LOL , yeah, maybe we can call other people “SourCream”

    1 SourCream ; aged curdled cow milk traditionally used in Anglo-French cuisine

    2 SourCream; the smell BaiLaowais produce 24/7 from their bodies and cant wash off. That, and the burger smell they have.

    eg “eew, sour cream alert! !”

    hahaha, i can imagine Hank, and Chad, and Bill laughing about it right now!!


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