best product of china ever…

i know we rant a lot here about the crazy and f#&%’ed up’ness that goes on out there- particularly, the 2008 beijing olympics, because we’re in the midst of it now. but today, i gotta rave about something…well, more like someone. He Chong. *sigh* last night, as the familia gathered round the tv to watch the throwback cuban with his tiiiight granny glasses hurdle his way into the finals, i also got a glimpse of what has to be the best ‘made in china’ product ever. not only did he kick ass in the men’s diving competition, but this PYT also has a deliciously hot body. everyone’s all hyped up about that butterface phelps because supposedly he’s “superhuman.” blah.  if you ask me, i’d take HE-man over super-ears anyday. so today, we salute you, He Chong, for your contribution to making the olympics a much prettier place.


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