Spain, WTF?






Ok, first there was this racist fiasco by Spain’s men and women’s basketball team pulling “chinky eyes” for an ad which took up a full page in the sports daily La Marca, the country’s best-selling newspaper. Amongst the team members is Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol from the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors’ Jose Calderon, who said:  We did it because we thought it was going to be something nice, something with no problem. But somebody wants to talk about it. It is too much of a big deal with you guys…”  You’re right Jose, everyone should just chill out and have a good chuckle over fond memories of schoolyard harassment.  Calderon was also quoted as saying it was “something appropriate and that it would always be interpreted as somewhat loving.” Yes, chinky eyes is a common way to express respect and appreciation for Asian peoples. Thank you, teams of Spain, for extending that warm and delightful gesture of international understanding and compassion.  Let the games begin!

And if that don’t frost your cookies, Gawker has found a pic of the Spanish 2008 Federation Cup Tennis Team gleefully doing the same eye pull — which is on their frickin’ website!  

Still a hoot!

Still a hoot!

Cuz apparently the good ol’ slant eye just never stops being ha-larious. Did they not get the global memo that this shit is offensive? Or do they just not care? This is some racist bullshit that’s beyond ridiculous.  Someone needs to pull their dumb asses from competition. Apparently Spanish sports does not have a good track record when it comes to racial sensitivity- like monkey chants and whistles directed toward black members of England’s soccer team during a 2004 exhibition match. And Spain recently asked China for it’s support to host the next Olympic Games in Madrid?  This deserves a serious BITCH, PUH-LEEZE!!!

5 thoughts on “Spain, WTF?

  1. You guys have no fucking clue, seriously. Im spanish, lived in the US and know plenty of asian spanish people, and this may come as a surprise to you, but nobody cared about these pics. Why? Because it’s a fucking joke, just as if in the 1992 olympics the US team would have done some photo shoots as bullfighters, nobody would have cared. This whole racial sensitivity is something that you have to understand is almost exclusive to the US. Not because in Spain we’re racist (i’ve heard this one soooo many times, and comparing it to the US… not even close) but because we don’t place importance on race. As such, if you view these pics from your perspective, sure they seem offensive, but try doing what you preach, and view these from spanish societie’s viewpoint.

    PS. It’s MARCA, no “la” (do your fucking research.)


    • Flightlevel-

      “Nobody cared” about these pictures? Maybe not in your self-absorbed colonizing head – but this picture – and the ones from the soccer and women’s basketball teams, were plastered all over international media for months. And when I just googled “Spain basketball team China”, I got over 438,000 hits. Why don’t you do a little research: survey your Asian friends – actually scratch that- Asians who are “friends” with you are probably the self-hating assimilationist types willing to put up with your bigotry – survey a few other Asians and see if they feel these pictures are no big deal. Just like it’s no big deal when the pull-eye is accompanied with the word “chink” or a swinging bat. Just because YOU’re insensitive to experiences of racism don’t mean it doesn’t matter to millions of other people.

      And yes, we know America can be a fucked up racist country. We’ve never denied that. But the point of the post wasn’t to have a pissing contest over who gets the Most Racist Country prize – but that racist behavior coming from anyone, anywhere, is disgusting.

      And flightlevel- you gotta be fuckin kidding me- Spain “doesn’t place importance on race”? Then what do you think explains the slurs and attacks against black soccer players in Spain, formula one driver Lewis Hamilton, or the violence in Alcorcon? This is the same lame excuse we’ve heard a million times in America, so don’t try to pull that one on us. Why don’t you do some more research and get back to me with more of your dazzling theories.

      PS- it’s SOCIETY- no “ie”. Learn to use spellcheck, otherwise do your best to not be such an imperious douchebag.


  2. C’mon there’s no reason to get so hyped up. You know, you used the words “imperious” and “colonizing” when referrening to me, in what I assume to be some sort of association with Spanish colonialism. Hmmmm, OK, but since the 1700s Spain has done nothing but lose and give up it’s colonies, in fact Western Sahara was recently given up voluntarily, and Spanish diplomacy has tried as hard as it can so that Morocco doesn’t annex it. Maybe you’re confusing Spain with Britain, a much more expansionist nation, and also a country with newspapers that could barely qualify as high school ones. The backlying idea of what I was saying (rather blatanly and arrograntly, but you should see some of the shit that gets published about Spain due to this issue) is that I personally wouldn’t feel offended if some other team did something similar about Spain. Maybe the whole issue is more about being too sensitive. Spain has a big “different” issue, we have Basques Catalans Galicians Andalucians… and they’re all easily distinguishable, so we’re used to jokes and general talk about differences.

    Oh, and please don’t take what a very slim amount of people do as a representation of the whole, the soccer thing was a bunch of “ultras” as they’re called here and the Hamilton thing is just because most Spaniards can’t bear to see Alonso fall behind.

    Oh, and also: “racist behavior coming from anyone, anywhere, is disgusting.”

    Couldn’t agree more.


  3. I’m sorry, “no reason to get hyped up”? um, so who said who had no fucking clue about what was going on? the post was about the fact that a team that was about to go represent its country in an INTERNATIONAL event displayed itself in a ridiculously offensive manner. so yes, it WAS RACIALLY OFFENSIVE. you wanna claim that your country doesn’t have issues with racism and that its NOT a big deal, then keep that type of behavior within the confines of your own home/country/whatever. but the fact of the matter is, it was a behavior that DID offend people outside of your country because it was broadcasted internationally because it involved the OLYMPICS- an event for the entire world. did you not remember that your basketball team was boo’ed during the olympics because the chinese audience was offended by that gesture that you and some of your countrymen found funny. we are not obligated to view the spainish society’s point of view- why? because it’s the goddamn olympics an event that encompasses all societies! don’t be mistaken that the world revolves around spain and tell us that we should see your point of view- you practice what you preach and see how offensive that shit is to us and others around the world.


  4. I really gotta agree with flightlevel170 on this one. Pulling the sides of your eyes up definitely isnt in anyway racist. I mean, c’mon people! its a joke! cant you people take a joke?

    Next thing you know, you Asians will say that mocking Asian languages ala “ching chong ching” OR going around beating up /lynching people who look Asian is racist. Its not. its a joke!

    Its all ONE BIG JOKE!! HAHAHAHA!! Cant you people lighten up and have a sense of humour?

    You see, when us Caucasians went around colonising South America and Asia and Africa and India , and forced the heathens to convert to Christianity, looted the wealth from their economies,forced them to speak our Languages (such as Spanish and English), raped their women, made their men coolies and servants, that was in NO WAY motivated by feelings of racial superiority or any kind of RACISM!

    It was all just one BIG JOKE!! Thats just what we like to do for a laugh!, HAHHAHA!….haha?…..HAHAHAHA!! See how funny it is?

    Just because we set up colonialist/racist values in the finance, political, and economic power structures throughout the world that EXIST TO THIS DAY, it does not, and i repeat , DOES NOT mean that it is RACIST! its all just very funny, thats all.

    In a Similiar vein, when we Caucasians dress up in white hoods and burn crosses on lawns, it doesnt mean we are acting racist. no, no and NO! we are just playing dressups, FOR FUN!

    Any person that cant see the humour in mocking racial characteristics is just plain ignorant at the least , and RACIST at the worst! YOU GUYS ARE THE RACIST ONES! BECAUSE YOU WONT LET US MAKE FUN OF ASIANS FOR A JOKE!

    Get a life, and learn how to laugh people!! we are just joking around, because we THINK ITS FUNNY TO MOCK ASIANS IN OUR CULTURE! IT DOESNT MEAN ITS RACIST! IT JUST MEANS ITS FUNNY IN OUR CULTURE!

    So, in conclusion, maybe if you Asians just lightened up and learnt some spanish and eat some tapas and converted to christianity, and dated spanish people and have hapa spanish kids, and practiced mocking other asians on a daily basis, maybe then, just maybe, you wouldnt be so defensive, and you would start laughing at the joke too!


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