Cultural Vulture Declares His Love Through Branding…

Okaaaaay…so we here at BB became aware of this couple through the Hyphen Magazine Blog. Below, gentle readers, is the lovely pic and caption that warms our cold bitchy hearts. It truly demonstrates the inspiring potential and possibilities of modern interracial relations. 

Josh Vogel, 27, right, with his friend, Josie Lin, 27, shows off his Geisha tattoo — which they thought looked like Lin. “I wanted this tattoo because I like Asian women,” Vogel explained. They were among the crowds at the Seventh Annual Seattle Tattoo Expo. (Aug 9th 2008)
JOSH: So dudes. Check  it. This awesome tat is a beautiful O-MAAAGE to all my equally beautiful Asiannnn  ladies. *Slobber* And now I can wear sleeveless shirts every day. Score! I cut off the arms myself, cuz I’m extreme like that.
JOSIE: *Sigh*. I’m so thrilled! He likes me! He must really really like me! *Sigh* Josh says this geisha looks like me.
JOSH: Looks JUST like you, babe, my little prize pearl. *Smirk* And this tat, coupled with my rebellious punk rock  hat, perfectly conveys how I’m a total badass. The ladies can’t resist a big ol’ teacup of the J-Man.
JOSIE: I feel so special. Josh is so open-minded and really understands me and my culture. And I can’t wait to show all my friends.  I’m so much more of an American than any of them are now!
JOSH: My body is a canvas – or Shinto  temple, rather – to express my totally unique individuality and alternative lifestyle. Plus my deep insight and connection to all things of the Asiannnn persuasion. I also like naked sushi. I may even join an English teaching program in Japan to further connect my inner self with my newfound appreciation and love for my adopted culture. 
JOSIE: *Thinking* OH, NO! If the J-Man goes to Japan, all of those Japanese bitches will be after my hot man! What am I going to do??
JOSH: Be right back, babe. I’m gonna go talk to that exotic-looking chick by the piercing booth. Maybe she has tips on some more authentic Oriental ink I can  get. Saaaaay. She  looks just like my new tat.
JOSIE : Oh. Uh, ok. Guess I’ll just wait here.
JOSH: How do you say ‘Sup in Japan again?
JOSIE: You know I only speak American. And I’m Chinese.
JOSH: Oh right. Neee how maaaaa!!! See ya back at my place.


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