People and their Damn Precious Dogs

Good boy! Run free as the wind!

Good boy! Run free as the wind!

Tribeca, New York.
So what’s up with people letting their damn dogs run wild all over the street? Yesterday me and sj were walking on the sidewalk and this dude comes from the opposite direction. Now, there’s plenty of room on the street, but Guy Smiley here decides to walk RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. Not keeping a reasonable distance, or hugging his side of the curb (like we are), but ALL up in our area. And as a bonus, dude has a huge german shepherd. On a very loose leash. When he comes up close, the dog bounds over in front of us to do his sniffin and shit, and the leash totally blocks our path like a police line so that we have to stop and wait awkwardly. Now, if this D-bag had scooted over about a foot or two, or tightened his grip, problem solved! But he acts like he own the entire street, letting this mutt directly in our path and practically elbowing me as he passes by – all casual with a smirk on his punk face. What are we, invisible? This man needs a neckchop!!

One thought on “People and their Damn Precious Dogs

  1. YES! this shit is ridiculous…. you got the dog not me. i don’t have to say its cute or pet it and allow the damn thing to smell me.

    AND pick up the damn poo off the street or sidewalk. this isn’t some compost – i’m going green crap — its brown crap so pick-it-up!


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