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Conan O’Brien Gets Drunk at Holiday Party, Steven Ho Kicks His Ass

Posted in All Class, Awesomeness, DANGER!, Zen with tags , , , on December 19, 2012 by Cbruhs

BCB buddy the indomitable Steven Ho sent us this gem from last night’s Conan. As usual, it involves plenty o’ spin kicks to the gut, glass breaking o’er heads, and a jolly assortment of beat downs (courtesy of Steven, of course).

And since this is a Holiday Party, it also involves heartwarming festivities like candy cane jousting(!), ugly Xmas sweaters, and the requisite over-aggressive drunkenness. This video should set the bar for all office holiday parties to come.


Thanks Steven!

Steven Ho Back on Conan Tomorrow!

Posted in All Class, Awesomeness, DANGER!, For Your Consideration, Hilarity with tags , , , , on September 12, 2012 by Cbruhs

Our fave stuntman/martial artist/hi-end furniture store owner/NEW DAD Steven Ho is back, and as usual, busting Conan O’Brien’s balls. If there is unfinished bidnid that needs finishin’, Steven Ho will be the one to uh, FINISH IT!!! Just look at the fear in Conan’s eyeballs!

Don’t miss what is sure to be a delightful evening of whoop ass.

Thanks Steven and Congrats!

Conan vs Steven Ho TONIGHT

Posted in Awesomeness with tags , , , , , on March 1, 2012 by aznheartthrob

BcB Favorite Steven Ho is back on Conan tonight. Be prepared for some martial arts/comedy at 11PM on TBS. I know I can’t wait, cause these bits are the only thing that can fulfill the void that Stephen Chow left in my soul.

Steven Ho on Conan

Posted in Awesomeness, DANGER!, Hilarity with tags , , , on January 26, 2011 by Cbruhs

For those of youse who may not have caught it last night, professional stuntman and martial artist Steven Ho (aka ASIAN frickin CONAN) was on Conan O’Brien’s show, back for the first time since Conan found a new home on TBS.

And did not disappoint! In his continuing epic saga of putting Conan through stunt school, Steven pulled out the big guns, or swords — by cutting a watermelon on Conan’s stomach in half (eat your heart out, Gallagher), hitting Conan in the face with a staff, and incorporating an Asian baby!

Steven was also nice enough to provide BCB with some behind-the-scenes shots! Behold:

Can’t wait to see Steven’s next schoolin’ for Conan, and I hope Asian Baby continues to be a recurring character. It’s giving me some good ideas on how to best utilize my future progeny. Be sure to check out Steven’s past Conan appearances and other good stuff here.

UPDATE: Steven tells me that said Asian Baby is kind of famous, and even has his own website. AB first appeared as a stunt prop on The Tonight Show, and was later raffled off on Facebook and YouTube and shipped via UPS to Coco fan Linda Schenk. Check out AB’s site for more of this stunt baby’s adventures. Go ‘head, Asian Baby!

Thanks Steven!

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Friday Fuckery: Conan O’Brien Hearts Jeggings

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Jeggings! Treggings!! Pleggings!!! I’ve been trying to tell people near and far, that Jeggings (jeans+leggings — or, honestly, leggings printed to look approximately like jeans/trousers/pleather)…are now for the menfolk too! Especially since they are Tim Gunn-endorsed; and also a little bird (my roommate Char Char) whispered to me that the Uniqlo New York store recently introduced them.

Strut them stems

Unfortunately, this helpful fashion FYI is oft met with confusion, dismissal, or disgust, if the person can even process what “Jeggings” are, and WHY. Really, people, Jeggings are just the superior cousin of Mantyhose (which BCB covered in January 2009).

Well, now that Irish Conan himself has been indoctrinated into the man/guy-Jeggings (Meggins? Geggings? Majeggings?) school of thought, hopefully legions of others will soon follow suit.

And he look damn good! I especially appreciate his fashion choice of highly pre-distressed, acid-wash Jeggings.

Jeggings: now for mens, bitches. And they’re suuuuper comfy! Plus, now we can see your basket’ n’ booty better. Everyone wins, especially gender equity.

Now if only Asian Conan would pull on a pair.

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