Friday Fuckery: Ling Valentine Leases Cars


Ling Valentine is a Chinese British immigrant whose star has fast risen to become the UK Queen of car leasing — selling over £1m worth of cars every month through her site (which is likely to give you a seizure).

On her Twitter, she describes herself as: “Boss of – Female Chinese immigrant in UK. I speak Chinglish, have a Chemistry degree and a Masters in Environmental stuff. I’m real, reply & bite.”

She advertises her biz by parking a Chinese Nuclear Missile Truck and a London double decker bus along the A-1 Highway, which has apparently been a very successful marketing strategy.

In 2007, Ling appeared on the show Dragons’ Den (the US counterpart is Shark Tank) to pitch her business to a bunch of loaded tycoons. One investor actually offered her £25,000 for a 20% share of the company…and she shot him down!

Not only did Ling reject the offer whilst wearing green raver pants, she threw in: “Well, Chinese eat dragons for breakfast…Thank you for your money. I refuse it.” BOOM!! PWNED! Ling Valentine is my hero.

via Dlisted — thanks!

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3 Responses to “Friday Fuckery: Ling Valentine Leases Cars”

  1. Yo Biyatches!

    I am Ling hahaha.

    Thanks for the blog, even though I can’t understand half of it.

    Amazing how I can see this from the UK, the power of internet, eh?


  2. OMG! We Love you Ling! Thanks so much for reading and for the comment…keep it gangsta! xo

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