NYC Asian American International Film Festival 7/23-7/26

For you lucky New Yorkers around this weekend, be sure to check out the Asian American International Film Festival. Happening Thursday-Sunday July 23-26. For the full line-up, click here. Too lazy? Then check out AzNHeartThrob’s recommendations below, based solely on a picture, film title, and short description (we were asked to do film reviews this year by the nice guys over at AAIFF, but sadly, didn’t have any time this week… but we will next year!):


America's Next Top Immigrant

America’s Next Top Immigrant: In a mock game show modeled after America’s Next Top Model, immigrants from around the globe compete for the top prize—the American Dream. Director Tatiana Lam Lo will be in attendance and available for Q&A after the film.


I Love Lakers

I Love Lakers: Living with an alcoholic father and lacking interest in schoolwork, a child finds that basketball is his only comfort in the face of his personal struggles.


White on Rice

White on Rice: Hung up over his divorce and sharing a room with his 10 year-old nephew, Jimmy can’t even keep a job without help from brother-in-law, Tak. When Jimmy falls for Tak’s niece, Ramona, it seems like he may be heading for trouble, but all is not yet lost in this quest for love. Director David Boyle and Actor Hiroshi Watanabe will be in attendance and available for Q&A after the film.


You Can Call Me Nikkie

You Can Call Me Nikkie: Identity is not always the subject of doubt. Nikkie, a transsexual sex worker, recounts the sculpting of her identity with an audacious trust in her true self. Director Irene Herrera will be in attendance and available for Q&A after the film.


26, Best Korean Girl (Om Tchin A)

26, Best Korean Girl (Om Tchin A): Going against the traditional concepts of love and marriage as preached by her meddling mother, a postmodern woman takes charge of her own life.

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